Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Can I do schoolwork AND tidy AND put away laundry AND take them out to the indoor playground today, or is that too ambitious, considering that it's 8:03 and my burning ambition is to go back to bed?

I'm just made deliriously excited by no longer having to pay transit fare for children, and it makes me want to go places.

I myself will awake the dawn, and then go promptly back to bed, or I would if all the children wouldn't come snuggle and jump on and shout at me. So I will stay awake and read to them and make sure Thomas does his phonics and Nat his math and watch the little girls put all the toys in the house in bags and drag them around and then dump them out. In retribution I will read them William Blake and Emily Dickinson today, from their newly purchased thrift store book of poetry. And I see Miriam is coming downstairs lugging Animalia right now, so I presume I'll read that one, too.

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