Friday, March 06, 2015

Playing around

I think I'll open an etsy shop as an excuse to play around making jewelry again. I haven't made any in many years, but since I have two people actually spontaneously paying me for necklaces, and because it's such a nice thing, being able to shout, "No go away Mommy's working!" at the children, as I educationally do crafts right next to them, I think I'll go burn some money on more links, and drag Nat down to the store to pick up clasps. This is in spite of his weird, weird pathological fear of beads. He said he'd go. And maybe we can hit up the wool store, and then I can get more roving.

Yesterday I got the kids to sit at the table drawing for pretty extended periods because I was sitting there putting things together. Thomas came over and asked me how to spell 'milk', It was splendid. We practiced the letters together, and talked about their sounds. Literacy advances!

We went to the museum again yesterday, and Judith and her kids came, and we didn't lose any children and I didn't deliberately leave Nat anywhere, even when he was telling me that Ancient Egypt was boring and stupid.
Model of Ancient Roman coin horde
I think we should go back over the Ancient Egypt part of history again. I understand there's a Netflix documentary about mummies which I could watch with the kids. Ugh. I really hate mummies. I've gotten grave enough that I can stand beside the mummies at the museum, saying, "Yes, that is an actual dead person!" brightly to the children, but I still hate them. Although I remembered to pray for the souls of the two mummies on display, which I've never done before. They probably don't get a lot of prayer.

Byzantine chalice and  censer and patten. I think
Now I have to get everyone else up (Elizabeth is pottering around but the boys are still asleep) and figure out how to run the boys very hard today so they go to bed earlier than ten tonight, because ten is the wrong time for children to go to sleep. Maybe I can make them walk all the way back up Spadina today in the bitter cold, haha! All the way through the fabric district and then up through Chinatown.

Go have a lovely day, everyone.

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