Monday, March 30, 2015

So tired

Miriam has had something bronchial that surfaces mostly at night for many nights. Geoff and I are on a sort of we-have-a-newborn amount of sleep. I have short bursts of insane energy followed by utter collapse and re-reading books and thinking wistfully about the times when I got enough sleep. I can feel myself settling back into the Survival Mode that I spent many years in, when getting a whole hour at once was great, and made me feel very slightly less like a lunatic and psychotic.

Holy Week. Nat tried to sonic the Host with his homemade sonic screwdriver yesterday at Mass. I should try to take the kids to a weekday Mass. We'll be travelling a lot over the Tridium so church will be complicated. And now it's time to scrape myself off the computer and go tell the children to stop fighting, because it upsets Mommy. This always works because they are so respectful and caring. Hah hah.

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