Thursday, March 12, 2015

Still alive

But Geoff and I were both exhausted yesterday, which proves that Miriam having nightmares all night plus three days of big (for us) trips out is too much. Big party
Mim vs the crackers

Wonderful musicians
Then homeschool drop in, plus the Science Centre. Yesterday I was thoroughly useless and basically just kept occasional meals coming while I slumped around on furniture. Geoff got boundless quantities of Things Done, though- he mailed two parcels and paid the redacted nursing home and yelled at them because they sent us a check for Mum's comfort account which they addressed to her, which is boundlessly stupid, because as you know she died six weeks ago, and he dropped off four or five garbage bags full of stuff at Goodwill. I stayed home and did phonics and physics with the kids, and listened to them watching The Magic School Bus, and thought about reading books to them. We went with The New Way Things Work, and read about the principle of axles. I swear that Miriam picked.

Nat's copywork

Note the printing is clearer here, sigh
So I lay around moaning occasionally about being to tired to Do All The Things, and then made dinner and Dad came over for it. And then in the evening I lay around in a different spot on the couch, reading Thomas Merton's journals and chuckling. He alternates between flights of religious ecstasy and this self-deprecating humour, awareness of the absurd. It's quite wonderful.

Today I have slept and feel a little less like a dead slug, and so I will spend today wandering around the house muttering that we don't have enough Art or Books, and trying to figure out how to frame various things kicking around and where we could put another bookshelf, and maybe an oratory. The answer is probably nowhere. But I live in hope, right? The substance of things hoped for, in this case another bookshelf. And more books.

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