Thursday, March 26, 2015

This week so far

We visited Alicia and Richard, for Alicia and Thomas's mutual birthday on Sunday.

A slice of wonderbread makes a very special fake cake

Went on a hike with them and didn't lose any of the children, which is always a big deal. 

We had Nat's clinic visit, and he's doing absolutely fine. I asked about the blood-free glucose monitors, and found out they're $1600 each, and only guaranteed for six months. Hah. So those are a no. But overall Nat's blood glucose is terrific and his doctor is really pleased. So that's awesome. While we were there (it's at eight on Monday mornings) we had breakfast. Actually, I had breakfast. Nat had three separate breakfasts. I think he's about to go through another huge growth spurt.

On Tuesday I made paper with the kidlets, and I think we did some other stuff. Schoolwork. Lots and lots of cooking. Something like that. Right, I made granola and pot roast and cheese biscuits and rearranged books.

Yesterday I fed everyone a pretty awful but appreciated Annunciation dinner, Nat read to himself, I got everyone to do copywork, and at bed time when I was trying to nail the boys into bed I read a bunch of poetry to them. Thomas protested a little, but he still listened, and Nat and I forged gamely on. I always feel like I've won hugely when I read Hillaire Belloc and Ogden Nash and Christina Rossetti and Emily Dickinson to them. I feel like I'm providing a tiny counterweight to the huge amount of Spiderman/Minecraft/The Hulk that is the boys' true love and most formative influence. Might not have a huge effect, but by gum I keep at it. It'll give them something to tell their therapists in thirty years ("I was only FIVE, and she read me Milton!").

Today I'm baking bread, because I want bread, and thinking about scrubbing the truly horrific floors after breakfast. Lo, I have discovered the secret to Less Resentful Cleaning, and it is to put on my headphones, listen to loud angry music, and clean everything extremely fast. If it works again today I will make it something I do every day- pick up the damn livingroom with the aid of Assemblage 23.

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