Monday, April 13, 2015

Almost functional

It's morning, it's beautifully sunny, I can almost talk again, the girls are telling each other really surreal knock-knock jokes behind me, and I have an exciting morning full of vaccuming out the couch and possibly even hanging laundry planned. It's finally warmed up. The plants are sprouting, the flies are circling around, and I am engaged in the immortal end of winter struggle to convince my kids that they no longer need winter parkas. It was nearly 20C yesterday and I still couldn't convince them. Thomas and Miriam wore gloves to the playground. I'm glad they didn't die of heat exhaustion.
Note the suit jacket and bow tie

Now three quarters of my children have gotten up, and they are picking through their Costco chocolate muffins looking for the chocolate chips, and I am not killing them, even as they hack and destroy and smear. Today we will read some books together, and I will try, hypocritically, to detach them from electronics, and we will probably play in the back yard while I struggle to do a meal plan that makes sense and includes things that won't kill us with scurvy. Tra-la, as my friend Anne says, and have a lovely day.

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