Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter next year

Well, maybe Easter next year will be a roaring success. This year it was a bunch of sick kids, with Miriam being the sickest. She is just barely getting over the most extended bout of fever/stomach flu I've ever seen, and she spent most of Saturday feverish and most of Sunday feverish and throwing up. So no Mass, and we postponed Easter dinner till Monday, which was fine. Miriam was starting to recover by Monday, and Dad and Cynthia came to dinner.

I'm hoping that by tomorrow everyone is fully recovered. Because it feels like someone has been sick every day for two weeks. It's very depressing and full of watching movies.

Dad came to dinner, and after dinner Cynthia herded all the kids upstairs and Geoff and I talked to Dad about what we think the options are for keeping an eye on him. I can't remember whether I've written about it here before so they are:

1. Help him find a nice retirement home. He hates retirement homes.
2. Eventually, when he needs help, get him an in-home care service. He hates those.
3. Build him a barrier-free granny flat on the house, and move in with him.

It's option three I've been working on for a few months. It seems the most reasonable. It would still be a huge, huge shock and lots of adjustments for all over us, but I am frankly terrified every time Dad doesn't answer the phone, and I know that if it's possible I don't want to choose the option we did by default with Mum, e.g. Waiting Until There is a Major Catastrophe, and then A Horrible Nursing Home. And if we renovate and move in with him there is a chance to make my childhood home big enough for all of us to live in comfortably, and to actually design parts of it, which is pretty exciting.

Dad didn't say no, and he took our architect friend Stephen's portfolio home with him, and God willing we'll hear an actual answer from him in the next week.

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