Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Neglecting the children

I made this yesterday. Okay, finished it yesterday. I got it done by a combination of ignoring the children and shouting at the children. It's good to alternate. Right now, with the big project of trying to get a range of things made for setting up the shop, I am mostly hunched over the table and howling "Don't touch that!" at the girls, who very very much want to be allowed to wear all the pretties.

Sadly, the children wish to participate in my exciting crafting. Working on gratitude- a year ago I wouldn't have been able to convince them to leave me alone even for five minutes, and now I can get whole pieces done without losing my voice to laryngitis via screaming.

And, in very exciting news, Nat is independently reading his first chapter book, with no prodding from me. He's on page 88, he started last night, and he'll be done mid-afternoon unless someone interrupts. So good. So nice and quiet. And so exciting to watch him fall in love with books.
Nat this morning, with book, in bed.

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