Friday, April 17, 2015

Noodling around

Today I have promised to take all the children to the Science Centre, and I will probably not lose more than one of them. Ha hah! I'm joking! I'll probably misplace at least both girls and maybe Thomas. Huge torrents of adrenalin are really good for the heart, right? It's like a workout.

Anyway, I spent a lot of yesterday noodling around making things for my proposed etsy shop instead of doing housework. The kids played outside for five glorious hours, while I stayed partly inside bent over bits of metal. I also challenged Nat's pathological weird fear of beads.
I want to get at least four or five pieces done before I start the intricacies of PayPal and buy some shipping materials and set up the shop, which will not be a Shoppe, because those are stupid. 
It's been a lot of fun. And yesterday Nat came over and asked how I was getting the beads on the pins to attach, and I got to show him. He thought it was very cool, which is not a sentiment I hear from him about something I've done very often.

And now I just have to sell two or three items eventually to justify the cost of the the materials and the time. But it's been great to make things, even relatively uncomplicated things, again. 

Now to charge upstairs and dump the boys out of their beds and ruin the blessed quiet of the girls playing contentedly on their own. Sigh.

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