Sunday, April 19, 2015

Science fun!

Fun in spite of the crowds. When we got to the Science Centre school children were flooding in. I asked one of the workers, and she said, Yeah, super busy today, 2000 school kids booked. 2000!!!! It was crazy full of big children and teenagers. I managed not to lose any of our kids for more than a few minutes. I think Nat disappeared for about five, but he'd the one most able to rescue himself, so I didn't worry. Much.
"All the glowy lights, Mama!"
The girls were initially really freaked out by the noise and commotion, but they adjusted after about an hour. Honestly, I'd rather have my toddlers a little bit cautious about big loud places than running away very quickly, which is what the boys did when they were that age.

The above was pretty cool- a picture made of special polarized tape between two layers of glass. You could only see the pattern through the magnifying glass thingy. 

I brought a completely cheating and terrible lunch that the kids really enjoyed- trail mix, goldfish, graham crackers. I would have brought fruit if we hadn't been out. I always feel like a failure for not bringing samosas or marvelous gourmet sandwiches or something, but this worked. They all ate it, we didn't have to buy from the overpriced cafeteria, and it was stuff we always have.

The nice Science Centre lady said to call ahead and find out which days aren't booked up, or to come at 1:30, when the school kids start to clear out. That's handy to know. We generally hit the ROM at ten, when it opens, and are assured relative peace for a couple of hours. The same strategy does NOT work for the Science Centre.

Still, a good time was had by all. I can see a future where I can sit and watch them all run around and know that they all know their names and addresses and I can remain calmly seated and maybe even read my book, and it is a glorious vision of hope.

After we left we went to the large Asian/multiethnic supermarket for fruit and bean paste sesame balls and a very large can of green salsa for making chili. While we were there, an Elderly Chinese man stopped me, and with a look of apprehension demanded, "No school today?!", gesturing at the boys. I told him I didn't know if there was school, and that my kids didn't go to school. 


"No, they learn at home!", I said brightly, and then as we walked away muttered, "Because we're hippies."

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