Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Glorious trip. And today, ouch

Yesterday I decided to be really brave, and I took all four children on the hour-long transit to the zoo. My bravery was rewarded- we met friends there, and one of the friends brought her twelve year old daughter, who pretty much devoted herself to looking after the girls. That was so wonderful. And also my Nathaniel's favourite friend, who is also named Nathaniel. And I got to see another friend and meet her two very small children.

The power of Nathaniel squared
It went very well aside from squabbling among children, i.e Thomas randomly punching Nate because he isn't used to having to share his brother with anyone.

Anna-Liza, Nate's mum
I hoiked the kids there, we walked/ran around very fast for three or more hours, and collapsed on the bus home. Our friends Anna-Liza and Stephen and their kids live an hour and a half outside of Toronto, and we have discovered the zoo is about at the midpoint between us. So I am hoping for many meetups there. It makes a huge trip like this (more than two hours travel, chasing small children through miles and miles of zoo paths) much more bearable if there are more kids to play with and adults to talk to. Much much better.


Moment of harmony

Cheetahs for Grace
We happened to get there around feeding time, so we got to see the penguins and the cheetahs being fed. That was really cool.

In general, though, I think the animals were less attractive for the children than the huge open spaces with all sorts of things to climb and clamber over and fall from. And that made it just great. So much space to run.

I was very sad that the poutine stands weren't open, and Lydia the wonderful child-help girl was sad that the Beaver Tails stand wasn't open, but I guess we traded those for the absence of people. It was very quiet. I really like the zoo during the off season.

A wonderful, golden trip, and so much creakiness today. But we're getting started on my resolution to spend a huge amount of our summer outdoors and exploring, and that is just great.

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