Friday, May 15, 2015

Haven't blogged in a week

Because I have been furiously working- okay, Geoff has been furiously working- on my shop logo, and I've been taking the kids on trips, and also we're working on the plans for my Dad's house renovation. Which is huge, and scary. And just about as huge and scary- yesterday I went to the lawyer with him, and now I officially own half his house. I am one of the tenants. It's both heady and scary, because I rent. I'm a renter. And housing prices in Toronto are stupid. Seriously, the house we live in, which is perfectly okay but not amazing, is worth about $600,000. A newly renovated house is worth $600K-$800K. That is dumb, for a three bedroom. So I wasn't likely to buy, because we are impoverished. But now I own half of a house that, if the reno goes well, will be a REALLY NICE HOUSE, with FIVE bedrooms, or four and a study.

It's very hard to get my head around that.

Also I get to design a kitchen. I am so excited about that I can't tell you. Wow.

Oh, and today I took the kids to the ROM. Obligatory cute shots below.

Yesterday at the park

Nat got to pull everyone in the cart

And then Elizabeth took over

Isn't Mim's outfit terrific? She's like Revenge of the Loud Patterns

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