Friday, May 22, 2015

Head so full of stuff

I feel jittery and anxious and full of decisions. And I am literally dreaming of home renovations, as we wait for a survey so we can start the hardcore planning. Well, mostly dreaming of the construction. Last night, just before waking this morning, I dreamed of some horrible illness that was turning people into mummies, slowly dessicating them, rendering their behaviour irrational, and turning some of them blue. Of course my parents got it, my father worse, and I think eventually he was put in a small box? There was a lot of wandering around at a building like a hospital, and an extra subplot with some kind of dim world domination scheme, probably related to the illness.

I didn't like that very much. I hate mummies.

Because I am distracted and anxious, I am sucking badly at feeding people. Yesterday, for the kids' lunch, I realized I had served four or five kinds of specifically orange finger food- goldfish crackers, baby carrots, Doritos, sweet potato chips, and Cheezies because I love them. Geoff doesn't think they're a food. They're probably not. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't have anyone coming by to photograph the rainbow that my kids are eating, because wow, it's monochrome.

But today maybe I'll do better. I think I'll haul the boys out of bed and make them go on a hike with me through Taylor Creek, by the end of which I will be fit for nothing, grumpy, and very tired. But with any luck I will have counteracted their sleeping in, and they will go to bed before TEN, which is when they fell asleep last night.
The Doctor is ready
So anyway, I should go. Definitely. And wake them up. And thus disturb the relative peace of Elizabeth weeping because Miriam got to put the teabags in the teapot. Even though it's so very much quieter when the boys are asleep. Cheerio and have a nice day.

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