Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sorry for the silence

I have been agonizingly and slowly setting up this shop, which has been in operation for less than twenty-four hours and has failed to bring me thousands of dollars of revenue. I'm so disappointed. So a lot of blogging time recently has been me weeping at the computer, saying, "Geoff, I don't understand why it's not woooooorrrrking!", and him sighing in exasperation and then fixing things.

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Anonymous said...

Great shop!

Apropos of nothing... well, not true. Apropos of a post from a year ago, I made the dandelion pancakes that you had linked to last year. I found a field that looked like it probably wouldn't have too many dogs running through and peeing in it and where no one would care if I picked many many cups of dandelions. And then I spent a long time plucking the dandelions, which was actually kind of fun. And the next morning I made the pancakes. They tasted fabulous, although nothing about them tasted different from any other pancake. But it was fun and I really appreciate you posting that link to the recipe last year.