Thursday, May 28, 2015

We survived the zoo!

We actually had a great time, although it was very hot. I mandated refilling our water bottles at every opportunity, and we managed not to die of thirst or run out of water. So I think we did very well. I kept thinking longingly of going there in the fall, when it's cooler, and life is happy and breezy. That's probably not a good attitude, because summer is just about to hit.
Glum on the way there

It's a punishing trip by public transit. It takes more than an hour from our place. All the children were relatively well-behaved and I didn't have to leave any of them behind or push them into the monkey cages or anything,

The two Nathaniels
We met our friends Anna-Liza and her Nathaniel, and took the Zoomobile over to the farthest spot so we could walk back. Ahem, actually we missed the stop the first time around, and had to go a second time, with increasinly squirrely children. But we found they've added a part to the trip where they drive through a field of yaks and Przwalski's horses, which is pretty darn cool.

Happily, we did not drive through the polar bear enclosure. Although that would be exciting and full of carnage.

The kids got to handle a real live ferret. I assured them that we weren't getting one. They were disappointed. They were equally disappointed that I wouldn't bring the enormous stone horse back with us. I'm sure it would have been interesting to transport.

Just before we left we all got seriously overpriced frozen treats, which were delightful in the heat. 

Three of the four children passed out on the bus home, which is always the sign of a good trip. Mim was in the carrier on my back, so I spent the forty minute bus ride hunching sideways like Quasimodo to keep her from sliding off, to the amusement of the other bus passengers.

I spent the next day resting on my laurels, or trying to, and pointing out to Geoff every few minutes that I deserved praise and was very heroic. He bore it in relative silence.

Today I have to go and take the children out somewhere, because the somnolent effects of a big trip only last for twenty-four hours until the children explode in their normal frenetic activity. Sigh. Have a lovely day!

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