Thursday, May 07, 2015


Yesterday Geoff and I went over to Dad's and met our architect friend Stephen to discuss planning about the house, and to start measuring parts. Hoo boy. I have no idea what I'm doing, and this is so big. We are impoverished and not used to doing anything bigger than, oh, buying groceries.

Dad still seems to be on board, and has gotten almost chatty when he comes over for dinner. Dinner which is endured patiently last night, even though it was Foreign (butter chicken and a vegetable curry), and he doesn't like Foreign.

It will take about a year, probably, depending on a whole lot of moving parts. We'll be adding a full-house addition all the way up the back, which will give me and Geoff a bedroom, Dad a ground floor bedroom, and add a lot to the basement, which will become the play room/TV room/school room/office.

Stephen was asking me about colour preferences, and siding materials, and building styles, and I realized that while I have preferences they're inchoate, and because I've lived in rentals since we got married I am used to taking a space, shrugging a little, and then adapting myself to it. The idea of getting to choose what my bedroom or kitchen (kitchen! KITCHEN! I COULD HAVE AN UNDERMOUNTED SINK!) looks like is both heady and overwhelming.

What does a perfect house look like in my head? Wood, cream paint, warm coloured furniture that doesn't show dirt a lot, and lots and lots of bookshelves. Lots.

So big.

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