Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Couldn't remember the plankton

I could remember phytoplankton, but not the other type. So I asked Nat. "Zooplankton, Mommy". Thanks. I almost forgive you for all the random tantrums yesterday because I wouldn't let you make a Minecraft aquarium way after your computer time was finished.

 Yesterday I bribed him to read a whole pile of books aloud to Thomas and the girls by promising more computer time. If we got an iPad, I bet I could get him to clean whole rooms really thoroughly for just an hour of play. Using any and all leverage possible: that's homeschooling!
Now I must arise and go from the computer, and try to figure out what to make out of leftover butter chicken and leftover cheese sauce, that will be okay to feed Dad tonight. While I try to sneeze without clacking my still-annoyingly-painful teeth together. And then head out for a lovely appointment with another dentist who will pull out yet another of my teeth. But this is just the consult, so I will go forth from this appointment and locate some lovely poutine, in order to build up a protective layer of stored nutrients before I can't eat again.

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