Friday, June 26, 2015

I should totally do homeschool planning, shouldn't I?

Yesterday Nat asked if school was over for him for the summer, since kids in school are done. Nope, I told him. You will continue to do your fifteen whole minutes of math per day, and you're going to keep doing read alouds and we'll probably have spontaneous messy science projects. I'll try not to scream too loudly when I discover them in progress. ("Mommy! We weren't being bad! I wanted to make super bubbles with the ketchup and the dish soap!")

But I realized that I haven't actually done much planning. We'll move up to the Grade 2 math book, probably revisit Khan Academy, and blaze through the Narnia series, but I haven't done much thinking about other parts. I'll use some of Ambleside, although I don't think Nat needs reading instruction anymore, just encouragement to read. We have a bunch of excellent poetry books, we're talking about navigation and the solar system generally a lot, I don't know whether to do science as a separate planned unit, or just let it slide, since so far we've talked about molecules and atoms, mass, celullar respiration, the digestive process, the circulatory system, the role of the brain and nerves, the different classifications of living things, and the structure of a cell, Plus all the stuff they've picked up through the museum, Bill Nye, and Magic School Bus.

For Thomas, we'll keep practising letters and doing occasional copywork, and we'll spend lots of time outdoors. That will mean, outdoors with Thomas and the girls coated in mud. We're washing towels a whole lot, but they're getting Acquainted with Nature, and sometimes they come in tired, which is very important to me. I'm still casting around for a good chapter book to read aloud to him. I might start with some Gordon Korman or another funny, unserious one. I don't think he's ready for Little House yet, but you never know. He's a much less patient listener than Nat, so it has to hook him.

And now it's time to go shout at all of them to wake up, so we can head down to the beach with sandwiches.


Deirdre Mundy said...

I don't really plan much until 4th grade. Or third, if I have a kid who demands order.

And we just commit to year-round schooling, because... it';s not like we're going to stop doing stuff just because the weather changed.

For 4th and up, I like Kolbe. Because I outsourced my brain to them.

lissla lissar said...

I'll look into Kolbe, but there's no rush. I have a rising second grader and a little guy just going into senior kindergarten (regular kindergarten to the rest of the world), and academics are generally still about fifteen minutes a day for Nat, and nothing for Thomas. I have a copy of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, just so I can feel properly guilty and underachieving.