Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Impacted wisdom teeth. Ow. Ow ow. I will be getting them pulled next week, I hope, although it's a weird thing to long for surgery that will leave me eating nothing but yogurt for a week, and bleeding from large holes in my mouth.

I am trying to bravely soldier on, but I suck at that. I'm hoping that I can still take the kids out and run them, even if my mouth hurts like evil misery, because I would much, much rather have tired children who have run around in a park than I would hyper, cooped-up children. I just have to survive taking them out. Whining at them that Mommy is in pain doesn't better their behaviour any, I am finding, And if they just watch videos while I lie on the couch they become increasingly awful. So, God and all angels help me, we're going to the Farmer's Market this morning.
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Christy Hodges said...

That's what wisdom teeth usually is - a pain. But it’s better to get it out than experience recurring pain by leaving it there. Anyway, you might want to stock up on painkillers that will last for a few days, especially if you plan to move around and go places during your recovery time. Take care!

Christy Hodges @ Smile Designers