Friday, June 19, 2015

Six Quick Takes: face still hurts

1. So I am still on a porridge and other food that doesn't require chewing diet. I am morose about this. On one side I have a molar that is basically gone, and the filling fell out when they yanked my wisdom tooth. On the other, I have lots of pain and pressure sensitivity. So I really can't eat anything much. On the bright side, because I can't eat, all my clothes are getting looser. I am heavily reliant on awful miserable meal replacement shakes.

I am pretending I am a python or something else that doesn't chew.

2. We have been on an inordinate number of trips in the last week.

Children spinning rapidly

Nat explores gears

Day at the beach

The beach, the science centre, playgrounds, and yesterday we went to see the Pompeii exhibit at the ROM. We went through with great rapidity because Nat was having a blood sugar low, and started declaring that Pompeii was boring, while I surreptitiously force fed him sugar tablets. And then the kids wanted to climb on a plinth to touch a sculpture while I hyperventilated and wrangled them all down.

But security didn't throw us out, and we didn't break anything.
Pompeeiian necklace of gold and emerald

Rock from Vesuvius
They put the bodies last, which was haunting. The children were much less interested than I was, which isn't surprising. I want to take Nat back when we've read more about the explosion and when his blood sugar is okay. And I want to take him alone.
Selling in the marketplace

Blurry photos while chasing children

DIY mosaics

One of the information pieces on the wall said that they think people were flash cooked, which caused the twisting and tension you can see in the poses. It was very sad, and horrifying. You could sort of see some of the bodies' expressions.

3. I dreamed of Mum and Dad last night. I was at their house, telling someone about how we're moving in with Dad and building an extension on the house, and then I noticed Mum was there, and I patted her leg, and said, "Don't worry, it would be until..." and then my dream self spent a minute trying to figure out a tactful way of saying, "Until after you die". But then I was mercifully woken by Elizabeth trotting up and down the stairs.

4. The problem with all the trips, even though they're great, is that I get very tired after, and come home and collapse. And sadly we haven't gotten any house elves or anything, so the cooking and cleaning an organizing has just not gotten done much. Also complicated by the semi-constant pain and the way I can't eat much. So we have gone out a whole lot, and while we're home the children have enjoyed watching the whole Avatar: The Last Airbender series. Which is excellent, and I enjoy, but I've noticed that when I'm sitting down under children watching it I am not, for instance, making dinner. I have yet to find a solution beside a) ignoring the mess, and b) ordering takeout. There's been a lot of scrambled eggs/frozen pizza sort of dinners.

We've found a new storage place for the girls. It's working out pretty well. We still have to haul them out and hose them down at intervals, but it's very compact.

6. Speaking of dinner, I should probably go find out what the children have poured on the floor while getting their breakfasts. I hope it's, oh, marshmallows, and not jam or something. And probably locate my own breakfast and throw on clothes and finish the breadmaking. Cheerio, and have a lovely day.

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