Thursday, June 11, 2015

Staggering onward

I took the boys to the beach yesterday, in spite of surgery and Tylenol 3s. I did this by parking myself on a variety of benches and telling them, "Mommy isn't running around. Mommy had surgery and Mommy is on drugs" inappropriately loudly at intervals.

They badly needed some running time, and I was just about able to lurch after them. We headed down towards Ashbridge's Bay, and unexpectedly met up with other homeschoolers, so the boys had Social Interaction,
And after, we ran through a bunch of paths, and found a pond with a swan family. I encouraged Nat to stop honking really loudly at them so they wouldn't come and beat us up. 

We met many dogs, and the boys wanted to adopt all of them. I didn't let them, because I am mean and repressive.

I think I'll take us to Ashbridge's often this summer. There's the beach, a whole bunch of playgrounds, a library not far distant, and a place to buy gelato. Perfect. And it'll be even nicer once I am no longer very tilty from horrible drugs.

Acres and acres of nice sandy child-running territory. We looked for different kinds of footprints and looked for wild chamomile and generally had a good time. I think we'll head back down there very soon.

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