Saturday, July 11, 2015

A hike

I had a not great night last night, and Mim woke me up at six, but I promised them we'd hike in Taylor Creek today, so I hauled everyone out of the house before it got too hot, and headed out on what turned out to be a long, LONG, very hot hike. Carrying Miriam for at least one hour. Uphill.

This doesn't convey the steepness
So I walked in the hot sun for about three hours, but we saw lots of plans, and the kids got quite a bit of exercise. Someone we passed said there were rabbits around, so all my children started screaming, "Bunnies! Here bunnies! HERE BUNNIES!"

Very surprisingly, we didn't see any wildlife at all.
I'm sure it will work next time. The kids were also really worried about a Lost Dog sign, and spent most of the hike barking furiously in an attempt to call the dog. That also failed. Very sad.

I spent the rest of today basically prone and drinking icewater, but I'm very grateful I did it. I just have to figure out how to make them all that tired without me needing to exert myself, and I'll be all set.

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