Sunday, July 05, 2015

Not a lot of energy

I feel like I'm pretty low-energy right now, although Geoff incredulously points out that 'low energy' means, 'took the kids to the beach for four hours'. But still. When I'm at home I'm dragging myself around.

Still, this morning I woke at six, and after lying on the couch for a bit, I made tea and cleared out the fridge and the upstairs freezer, muttering meal plans under my breath. Right now the future looks bright for spaghetti and shepherd's pie. And now I'm sitting at the computer looking at the wreck of the living room and diningroom, and thinking about how I have no real desire to cook meals, and want People Chow out of a bin. Geoff and I were talking about a pretzel dispenser. If we set it up next to the couch we could just stream movies 12 hours a day, and the kids wouldn't even have to get up!

The no cook thing is partly because I am still waiting on more dental surgery, and so eating is possible but uncomfortable. Still, I am always searching, interiorly, for the large batch cooking which will remove the need to cook ever again, pandering to my acedia, and condemning us to unending batches of something like rice pudding. Which reminds me, I promised to make Nat rice pudding.

Can I just go get five or six large boxes of butter chicken, and we can live off it till my will to live returns?

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