Friday, July 24, 2015

Unrelentingly busy

It feels like we've been all over the city this week, although we've only really walked part of it. Farmer's market and library, visiting Dad, spending hours at a splash pad.

Lots and lots of exploring. It's been fun, but I'm tired. We've got a Geoff-working Saturday tomorrow, and today I think we'll go to a local park or schoolyard for a bit, and then putter at home doing chores. ETA: Nope. I have just looked at the mess children have made of their beds, and so we are off to Scarborough Town Centre on the TTC for waterproof sheets. Pray for me.

We acquired a new pet, courtesy of Cynthia. I named him George, and the children are solicitous of his health. They are so caring that I have stuck him up on a high shelf to protect him from their loving care. We're waiting for his/her transformation into a chrysalis. 

Wet, sandy, happy children. Children covered in sunlight and heat and general summer craziness.

The formal academics have slowed way down. Nat is still doing his math, and he's reading, and we're working on The Silver Chair, with Thomas paying intermittent attention. Thomas fell in love with Reepicheep when we watched the (Terrible) Prince Caspian movie, and so payed pretty close attention to lots of Dawn Treader. It's pretty difficult defining knightly honour for small children.  

Same small children are now vociferously demanding attention.

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