Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yesterday and today

Yesterday we went to the zoo, and it was glorious.
Inherited their parents' map reading skills. We got lost.
Until the end, when Miriam took off and lost one of her annoyingly good and expensive sandals. But aside from that, really good.

Apropos of that, I think it's kind of funny that the zoo put all these glorious big rocks all over, and then put up all these big signs saying "Stay Off The Rocks!!". I know it's because of liability, but it's really setting up for failure. It reminds me a lot of the Life Size Easter Bunny. Don't touch, kids! It's just something hella fun!

So it was great, and now I've done the zoo solo with all four children plus two and a half hour transit ride to get there and back. I am mighty and stuff. Because I was out all yesterday, that makes today Enjoy Netflix, Kids! day. For I must, with mourning and weeping, fold six or seven loads of laundry, organize the kitchen, and clean out the livingroom before it it makes me mental. I also have to stand over the boys with a horsewhip and make them pick up their toys, and remind Thomas every minutes that there is a specific place for laundry, when he invariably forgets. Over and over.

But it's a nice, rainy day, good for relative quiet and lots of inside activity. So once I've had my third cup of tea and woken up, I will definitely start.

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