Monday, August 10, 2015

Blog silence

I haven't blogged in too long, mostly due to the crushing inertia that Geoff working evenings brought upon me. One more week, and then he should be on days for a while.

During that time I read the latest Diana Gabaldon and did a lot of no housework, kept the children alive, and we watched a lot of movies. Probably fewer than we would have if we hadn't lost the remote that controls Neflix, though. Utter sadness.

So today I have to figure out what we're doing with Mum's ashes, since I refuse to put them in that godawful lighted up cross between a museum and a Loblaws, for permanent display. I also have to call Apple and see if I can get a new remote, And call the horrible cemetery and get my money back.

My current grim stupid plan is to find somewhere meaningful and bury her ashes there, and then spend the $11,000 half on their church and half taking all her immediate and distant family out to the Mandarin. How can you spend $5000 at the Mandarin? I'm going to look at that as a challenge. Maybe we'll buy the cotton candy machine to be Nathaniel's best friend forever.

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