Monday, August 31, 2015

I Aint Dead

I'm still not dead, life has just been busy or crazy or busy AND crazy, and so I've missed recording Elizabeth's surgery to remove huge, HUGE splinters from her toe, my Dad's 84th birthday, lots of trip, lots of reading, and lots and lots of Minecraft. Minecraft is a wonderful game that teaches great spatial skills and design, but being told about Minecraft projects is possibly the most boring thing ever. And because I've been very very busy Nat has been given much more computer time than usual, so boy, has the Minecraft increased.

But! This week I will actually plot out the course of our academic year (hah) and I will not let the house fall into utter chaos. It's the last week, I think, before they turn the pools and splash pads off here, so we'll be spending most of the week out in some kind of shaded concrete area enjoying the water. And who knows? Next week maybe the zoo, after all the kids go back to school.
This is me after our three hundredth trip this week

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