Monday, August 03, 2015

This past week in pictures

We survived a whole week with Geoff gone for dinner and bed time, and the children all survived, which is because of grace and not because of me. Near the end of the week I was pretty full of shrieking. Single parents, I salute you. I cam near to eating my offspring, especially after we lost the tiny stupid remote that connects our tv to Netflix.

Miriam had an exciting and destructive week. I need to find her more sensory activities that don't involve ruining the house. Like, pretty much anything that doesn't have flooding or butter and furniture. 

The boys are practising being cooler than anyone else in the house.

I do love her very much, I just kind of want to rehome her. I haven't figured out how to keep a three year old who climbs like a monkey out of everything.

Nat's dedication to being a mad scientist means never, ever taking the lab coat off.

"I want Rexie for a puppy!"
I'm gearing up for another week of Geoff being gone until late. I have lots of frozen food, lowered expectations, and a basic itinerary of reading library books and trying not to lose my sanity. I'm waiting on figuring out our homeschool plan until things settle down and I know what Geoff's schedule will be. Thank goodness it's nearly fall and the Science Centre and ROM will clear out soon....

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