Thursday, September 10, 2015

I haven't done school today, but I did talk to Nat about the heliocentric model of the universe, and why Galileo got in trouble. And I recited Jabberwocky at dinner. Oh! and on the subway to a doctor's appointment Nat and I decided that the rhythm in I Had a Duck Billed Platypus When I Was Up at Trinity is the same as in Tolkien's poem There was a merry passenger/A messenger, a mariner. And Nat pointed out that they both make good marching poems, because of the good beat.

We're doing okay at actual school, by which I mean that I have actually done actual phonics with Thomas (whom I'm told pulled out his phonics book in my absence, and did some of it! A miracle!) and that Nat is working on math. We've gotten stalled out reading aloud The Horse and His Boy, and I still have to work on actually reading aloud more than a couple of stories a day to the kids, but I'm pretty happy about just re-instituting table time. Because no matter how unschoolish we tend to be, they don't get a choice about reading. If they don't learn to read, I'll never have the joy of explaining the plastic surgery or hookup ads on the subway. Or the front cover of Cosmo. That was such fun, when Nat learned to read fluently. Although I think his first subway ad adventure was a PETA one about why we don't eat cats and do eat pigs.

Maybe I should rethink this literacy thing.

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