Friday, September 04, 2015

Rethinking food

Geoff has been working crazy hours a lot. For about the last two months. This has shattered my normal frail control over the breakfast/lunch/dinner routine, especially the part where I always provide a lovingly cooked dinner for my children to reject. When I do all the meals single parents style, my ambition and my will to live drop considerably. There's been A LOT of frozen pizza and frozen spanakopita, which (thank heaven!) my children will eat. So if they're having spinach once or twice a week, maybe they won't die of scurvy?

I'm having reasonable success with batch cooking plus freezing- we're eating a lot of chili presented in slightly different formats- and I'm trying, as always, to think of batch cooking which is flexible and which will not be rejected too often. So far I've really got- chili and bolognese sauce. It's kind of really boring. I'm trying to mentally find the new normal. I am not okay with an endless hot dog/frozen pizza diet, but I am also trying to not make myself totally nuts with cooking plus housework plus homeschooling. Ride the wave of quantum and figure out how to hold everything together....

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