Sunday, September 20, 2015

Standards dropping like a rock

Although not like a rock through air. Through something more viscous, maybe pudding? I'm coping with the general absence of other adults, and even starting to adjust to no-other-adults-at-dinner-and-bedtime, but the way to serenity about it has meant considerably lowered dinner standards. I was unaware how important to me self-worth actually cooking dinner was. But the way to emotional equanimity turns out to be letting go of that, and serving a lot of frozen pizza, tacos, and scrambled eggs. When I get better at this gig or the kids get older I will reintroduce more real, cooked dinners, but until then I am laying off the roast chicken with root vegetables and wine gravy, or shakshouka, or meatloaf and scalloped potatoes.
One of the compounding factors in the Frozen Pizza Meal Plan is that we have been going on lots of trips, and specifically lots of homeschool trips. And it's been brilliant, really really good, but there's lots of days when we're out for five to seven hours at a park and stagger home, me literally because of hauling a girl on my back, and collapse. 

In my head I hear the panicky cry, "Not doing enough school!" but since we're doing some reading every day, and math usually, and science happens on the way to and from, well, everywhere... I think we're fine. And I am aware that the glorious sunny fall weather is not going to last, and pretty soon we'll be trapped inside except for brief, brief forays into the biting cold. Until then, parks and zoo and more parks and hikes and lots and lots of Goldfish crackers.

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