Monday, October 26, 2015

I am so full of neglect

I'm so sorry, blog. I have had influenza and stomach flur, both, in the last two and a half weeks. I have voted and gone out with the kids and kept dragging Thomas through phonics and Nat through math, and Nat and I are half way through reading The Last Battle. This week I actually have to make Halloween costumes, preferably before the homeschool Halloween thing on Thursday. And I've just signed up for one, maybe two, craft shows in a month. Next month. Very soon.

So I am feeling a little tiny bit overwhelmed. I'm pulling myself back towards being well, and possibly up to doing more big trips and things, but right now the mental battle between The Unending Housework and the Need to Make Things to Sell is pretty intense, and I'm going a lot of sitting still and hoping they'll both do themselves. It isn't working.

Let me tell you that having two three year olds desperately wanting to help by dumping out all of my beads is also sanity destroying. I've started growling softly if they get near the freshwater pearls.

So I'm trying to find a place of peace and serenity by making the boys tidy the living room in exchange for meals and screen time, and trying not to think about how Christmas is bearing down on us. Because if I do that, I will just give up and spend between now and January sitting on the floor eating good chocolate and moaning softly.

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