Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I was going to go out

And buy a plot to bury Mum's ashes, but it's raining sideways, and the forecast says it'll keep doing it all day. So instead I think we'll stay home and I'll enjoy trying to mouse-proof our home. I think the only real ways to do it are a) get a cat or b)burn the house down. I don't really want to do either, especially as our previous cats were too dumb to pound sand, and that's made me suspicious of feline intelligence generally.

Looking outside at the rain fills me with sadness that I didn't go to the park with the kids yesterday.

Still! There are things to do! I need to manufacture a vampire outfit, a ninja outfit, and a princess outfit of some sort. By tomorrow. I guess I'm making capes today? And boxing up all of the food. And shouting at all my little people to STOP DROPPING FOOD EVERYWHERE. That won't work, but it might relieve my feelings, right?

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Cynthia said...

Borrow J, although J may be traumatized by the kids. Give the kids to Rowan and take the cat.