Friday, November 27, 2015

Tardigradres are freaky

Still very very busy and shouting at the children to give me space, but we're also dong things like lots of read alouds (I think we traumatized the librarians), a lot of Home Ec aka "You live in this house, you have to do chores!", and lots and lots of How Does That Thing Work. Frequently about things I don't understand, and that reminds me, I'm supposed to find out how the mechanism for an escalator works. Yesterday we were running over the order of planets, and this morning the girls and I were looking at tardigrades, because why not. They're not really creatures from our planet, clearly. I mean, have you seen them?

From Perry Street Palace
Not a real animal. A little alien joke on us. I should show the boys when they finally meander downstairs. They're SO WEIRD.

I just finished the two above commissions, and I'm pretty happy with them, although I am perfectionistically unhappy with some of the bead quality, but it's possible that maybe not everything has to be completely perfect at a moleculoar level. Hmph. Anyway, those are heading out in the mail on Monday, if all goes well.

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