Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's been a long time

I think the main reason I haven't been blogging is because my computer access is severely restricted these days. I am allowed to use my phone, and thus email and Facebook, but the computer is for serious Minecrafters and Super Mario and all sorts of other education things that preclude me using it because Mommy, that's not what it's FOR! I have to find out how to buy the Yelpfluffsonsgter in My Singing Monsters, Mommy!
She is generally in a death battle for the iPad

So when I have been able to get the computer I have mostly been doing shop updates and then slinking away. I spend all my free time pretending that the children are doing educational things. Well, I guess they are. We went to the museum yesterday. And we've read a bunch of Christmas books including The Little Match Girl, because I am all about beautiful and depressing fairy tales. But I've kind of decided that slacking off during Advent is perfectly fine. We'll resume lots of academics in the New Year. Besides, I can't find Thomas's phonics book. Yeah, in the New Year is fine. They're all doing pretty well, anyway.And we've been doing some Christmas baking and I've actually done Christmas ornament making with them, which I'm pretty impressed about, because I don't like crafting with children. I get all neurotic about outcomes and perfection and it's bad.

 I've also been practising my photography, because it's fun to make things look all glisteny and like I didn't take the picture on top of Nathaniel's bed in the weak winter sunshine.

I'm just focusing, really, on getting through Christmas and the first anniversary of Mum's death. We're finally burying her ashes on Friday, which will be good, and for the rest of the next two months I am breathing and praying and eating a lot of delicious things, and giving myself space to sit around cuddling the children. One of them wants me to cuddle her, NOW, so I should get off the computer and go scoop up the poor helpless almost four year old from her bed, because her legs don't work, and bring her down so she can run briskly around the living room, because her legs have miraculously recovered. Have a lovely day!

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