Thursday, December 17, 2015

The girls got up at six

We had a very busy, very very fun day with friends at an indoor playground yesterday, and so the girls' logical response is to get up early and then collapse in tired wailing piles because their Advent chocolate is wrong somehow, and anyway they're so tiiiiiirrrrred, Mama! I'm trying to use the shortening days to my advantage by making them stay in bed until the sky lightens, but I'm not having a great deal of success.

I was going to put up a fun picture right here but I seem to have misplaced all the pictures I just downloaded off my phone. Aha! Facebook to the rescue!
The kids want a bouncy castle in their room. Poor idea.

I was going to write some thoughts about the Lent book group I might be doing, on Kathleen Norris's Acedia & Me, but I can't find my brain yet. My copy is autographed because I went to hear her speak at the Anglican convent of the Sisters of St. John the Divine, with my mum and Cynthia. She's a wonderful speaker, and acedia is a concept instantly recognizable but very little known- it's the feeling of restless futility, when you're too tired to move and too bored to stay still, and everything is meaningless. The desire for distraction from everything. Anyway, I went to hear her speak, and afterwards at the coffee and tea and cookies I cornered the poor woman and gushed about how much I loved her books, and told her that I'd read The Cloister Walk in high school , and that she and Madeleine L'Engle had kept me from sliding into atheism (both through their own writing and because they introduced me to St John of the Cross and Julian of Norwich and many many other writers). She blinked nervously at me and said something about being in very exalted company, if that were so, and I shut my trap and left her in peace.

So. I'm more than due for a re-read.

I'm actually right now hacking my way through Sanderson's The Way of Kings, an epic 1200 page fantasy novel (the start of a series. Of course. 1200+ pages is clearly not enough). It's really good, with a fully realized world and excellent characters. He tends towards more plot-driven books generally, and I like them okay, but the way to make me fall in love is really good characters. I'm thoroughly engaged by it.

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