Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I should stop buying jewelry stuff

I'm not sure I have anything really to say, but I' m sad about the neglectedness of my blog. I'm starting to try to use up jewelry components instead of buying new things a lot. Tomorrow is Epiphany which means baking a King Cake and taking down the tree. Last year I baked one and my aunt Lynn, who flew to New Orleans just after Mum's death, brought me a real King Cake from a real Louisiana bakery. It was very good. I'm basically going to make a large brioche cinnamon roll and shape it, which will also be good.

Little weirdo
Today will probably be an at-home day. I'm weirdly full of aches, probably from carrying Elizabeth, and it's cold outside. I need to mentally prepare for my winter homeschool plan, which isn't complicated but requires discipline from me. Wah. Why do I have to display the virtues I want my children to emulate? Why aren't they really down with my hypocrisy? Anyway, we're going to plug away at math and phonics and reading, and I'm going to grit my teeth and pick a chapter book and start reading to Thomas and Nat in the evenings. That's hard because by evening I generally want to hide. My extensive chapter books with Nat have died since Thomas also started staying up late, because the two of them are, ahem, not quiet together. But I have to reclaim literacy for the kids! Probably through Zita the Spacegirl and Calvin and Hobbes.

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