Sunday, January 03, 2016

Still kicking around

Happy New Year! All typos are due to my sons never ever EVER being allowed to have food near the keyboard, an admonition they follow so well that the keyboard is sticky and there are crumbs in it.

I've woken up with a bad enough crick in my neck that I took a boatload of painkillers to ease it. I'm hoping that in an hour I can look to the right even a little bit. I'm not holding out a lot of hope. Probably tea will help.

I'm sitting around, hoping the tea will make itself, and planning three birthday parties and piddling around thinking about what I want to make for jewelry samples to take out and show to local businesses. I think there's a bunch of people, pretty much the SAME people, coming to all the birthday parties. I'll probably make lots too much food, but that's normal. Many cakes. Lots of soup or stew or something. Finger foods.

This reminds me that I am getting redacted sick of the children only eating snack food. It's been a perfect storm of me being depressed and grieving, child pickiness, and Geoff gone every evening for work. My desire to cook has dropped to pretty close to nil, unless there are other adults around. But sometime soon I am determined to stage a revolt. I'm trying to figure out how to do it while ensuring that Nat and Miriam don't starve. I want to lock up basically everything they like, eliminate snacks, and I guess starve them into submission. I have to wait until I feel up to the scream of agony.

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