Thursday, February 04, 2016

I'm so sorry, blog

I feel huge guilt for the neglect, but the inside of my head is all eaten up with my shop and reading dumb articles that chirpily tell me how to increase my business and like myself better and balance my life plus learning how to run a store. and let me tell you that the balance seems to be heavily weighted towards chainmail, shouting at people, and not cleaning.

In that vein, I'm probably going to blow off school for the next couple of weeks, and put my children through a Home Ec course that they will hate a lot, but will leave them, I hope, able to do things like Unload the Dishwasher, Put Away Their Own Laundry, and Make Simple Meals Like Cheerios. I'm thinking about other skills. They're all eight and under, and we have this very hopeful chart of things children can do, chores that are age appropriate, but in practice nope. Still, I think I can also work on Vacuuming the Floor, Cleaning the Bathroom with Wipes. Picking up Their Own Damn Toys. What else should I put on the list?

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